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Call for Applications

Call for Applications

Deputy Chief of Party, Team Lead, and Specialist Positions | Pristina, Kosovo | 2021

Chemonics International seeks middle to senior-level specialists for the anticipated

USAID/Kosovo Municipal Integrity Activity. The activity will address long-standing challenges

related to corruption and poor quality service delivery by the Government of Kosovo by

enhancing public financial management (PFM), with a focus on municipal procurement, and by

reinforcing accountability mechanisms both within government and outside of government

through civil society, the private sector, and media.

Through work with local governments, national accountability bodies, the private sector, civil

society and media, the new Kosovo Municipal Integrity activity aims to contribute to

Development Objective 1 of USAID’s new Country Development Cooperation Strategy (May

2020 - May 2025), namely, “Citizens are better served by accountable and effective governance


All positions will be based in Pristina, Kosovo. We are looking for individuals who have a

passion for making a difference in the lives of people around the world.

We are recruiting for the following positions with experience in the illustrative following areas:

Deputy Chief of Party/ National Accountability Lead: Experience managing relationships

with participating municipalities and other project stakeholders, including interfacing with

national level government institutions and donors. Relevant experience demonstrating

exceptional commitment to improving financial management and oversight at all levels of


Municipal Governance Lead: Experience working with municipalities and on a broad range of

reforms in governance, service delivery, revenue management, and public-private engagement.

Demonstrated capacity engage with elected officials, municipal government institutions. Proven

ability to recognize institutional needs and create opportunities to effectively collaborate with


Public and Private Sector Engagement Lead: Experience bringing together civil society

actors, non-governmental organization, representatives of the business community, members of

the public to constructively engage with municipal government bodies to ensure transparent and

responsible governance of public funds and effective programming based on private sector


Learning for Collaboration and Adaptive Management Director: Experience leveraging

program data and stakeholder input to drive informed decision making within a collaborate

management environment. Ability to blend objective data with needs-based priorities to motivate

adaptive management approaches that ensure flexible, data driven decision-making and

compelling stakeholder outreach that is responsive to USAID reporting and learning


The above positions should have a background in most of the following areas:

- Municipal public administration

- Municipal public outreach and strategic communications

- Socio-economic project development and implementation

- Gender, youth, non-majority, under-served groups’ inclusion

- Civil society/community/media engagement and advocacy

- Organizational capacity building

- Private sector engagement

Illustrative qualifications include:

- Bachelor’s degree, or an equivalent combination of education and work experience in public

administration or other related relevant field required, Master’s degree preferred.

- Minimum 8 years relevant experience in strengthening public accountability, improving

community civic engagement, strengthening local governance, or capacity development in

technical areas as listed above.

- Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with counterparts within the Government of

Kosovo, civil society organizations, private sector, donor programs or local media.

- Strong experience in capacity development, training, and mentoring.

- Experience with procurement procedures, grants management, and office operations while

ensuring compliance with all rules and regulations

- Proficiency in English required; fluency in Albanian and/or Serbian language is required.

Application Instructions: Please submit a cover letter and CV

to KosovoMunicipalIntegrity@chemonics.com no later than July 02, 2021. Please indicate

relevant position in the subject line.


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